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to san francisco we are bracing for more than a million extra people this week for large scale events, including fleet week. navy and marines are on ocean beep right now. amy hollyfield is there live to explain -- beach right now. amy hollyfield is there live to explain why. >> reporter: they were dazzling everyone they showed off one of their cool tools and a few others to get fleet week kicked off. some call this is an engineering marvel. the size of it and how much it can carry oversea and land on a cushion of air. it impressed san francisco's mayor as it came ashore this morning. >> i'm very surprised at the size of it, the ability to carry emergency equipment from trucks to generators and all the things we might absolutely need. >> reporter: layman's term is hovercraft. navy officials will tell you it is technically called a landing craft air cushion. they brought it here as part of fleet week to showcase the fact that the navy can move combat or humanitarian supplies from a ship to the beach, very quickly. >> it travels at 40, 50 miles an hour on the water. most vessels out here
causing chaos for airline travelers more than 100 flights cancelled today at san francisco international. terry mcsweeney joins us any encouraging news? >> reporter: there is. also confusion any time you have an event as big as sandy there's going to be some. san francisco international spokesperson told me the airlines were cancelling all 114 flights in and out of sfo from those seven airports back east. i was at the united counter, one flight has taken off for boston another boarding, as we speak so there's confusion, confusion for airlines imagine what it is like for passengers. she needs to be home in new york. after 30 minutes at a ticket counter she didn't have a plight. what happened they couldn't get you on? >> no. very complicated. >> reporter: complicated? are the airlines cooperating? >> yes, they are very nice. it is just that everybody wants to fly now. >> reporter: brian's flight rescheduled for tomorrow, not going to work. >> 10 a.m. wednesday morning i have to be at arlington cemetery. the circumstances are definitely suck but that's my story. >> reporter: these two do ha
bay six in san francisco, five san rafael, four oakland mountain view two, san jose the same. what are those temperatures? in the 60s and 70s almost 80 at half moon bay for the warm spot. into the afternoon looks like we hang in the 70s even a few 80s near the coast bay warmest temperatures low to mid 80s some 90s inland. back with the full forecast. >>> new clue makes investigators more suspicious than ever it was no accident a house burned overnight with a woman's body inside. amy hollyfield is live at the scene on san carlos avenue in castro valley. >> reporter: the fire wasn't that big the home barely looks damaged. look at the investigators they have out here and what a chunk of this street has been blocked off. they have several theories and they want to look into etch one. firefighters aren't sure what -- starred this fire overnight or why the woman in the home died. they did quickly realized they needed to call crime scene detectives. >> when the fire department got here, they believe that an accelerant had been used possibly. any time you have an accelerant along with a bo
to protest in afternoon outside st. mary's in san francisco. that's where bishop cordileone will be installed as the new archbishop of the san francisco archdiocese. the 56-year-old former bishop of oakland is a staunch supporter of ban on same-sex marriage. >>> cal-state has selected new chancellor to run the largest system of four year colleges in the country, timothy p white will replace charles reed in december. he is the chancellor at uc riverside. >> the woman who abandoned her 10-year-old after shoplifting at a safeway store is back -- -- is on her way back. officers are transporting her on an extradition order today. >>> $6,000 reward being offered for the return of a dog stolen from the home of a 10-year-old san jose girl. monday thieves broke through a glass door, stole electronic equipment and five-month-old dog named miko. police and city councilmembers pitched in to offer reward the dog has a microchip. >>> just ahead, major milestone for facebook. the status update mark you canner -- mark zuckerberg made this morning. >>> rare and beautiful sight, a's fans line up t >>> facebook
of danger. >> in san francisco fire destroyed a restaurant and disrupted muni service for hours. in san jose explosive situation when fair broke out at a house with a lot of ammunition inside. >> the muni trains in san francisco just started rolling. that fire caused big problems at the west portal tunnel. terry mcsweeney joins us live. >> reporter: this is a story of the tire that would not go out. it isn't completely out yet. judgment a moment ago there were firefighters out here hitting the roof of the squat and gobble restaurant with more water they've been out here for six hours and there's still smoke many the same fire that caused the tunnel and all the muni trains to shutdown until 40 minutes ago. the report of a fire came in about 5:00 this morning. three hours later, despite a never-ending spray, the fire was still burning. >> it is a very deep building the first building the fire was hard to find they put out what they saw. i think it was way ahead of us before we got here in the walls, attic. >> reporter: when firefighters thought it was just about contained there would be a flar
. >>> san francisco police arrested one and looking for another after the men allegedly fired at officers during a high speed chase. police say they tried to make a traffic stop around 2 a.m. it ended two blocks away wheng( the speeding vehicle ran a red light and smashed into a taxi at eddy and franklin. one man shot at police during pursuit driver of the taxi only suffered minor injury. >>> richmond man who prosecutors say instigated the gang rape of a teenaged girl will be sentenced to 32 years under the plea the 22-year-old manuel ortega agreed to yesterday. the assault happened three years ago this month outside richmond high during a homecoming dance the victim had to be hospitalized after being raped and beaten more than two hours. he's the first of six to have his case decided. >>> crews making slow but steady progress against a wildfire in lake county along highway 29. one home has been lost, two subdivisions evacuated yesterday. residents of one have been allowed to return home. no word on what caused the fire it is 30% contained. calfire hopes to have full containment by tomorr
travelers. kira klapper joins us from san francisco international with more. >> reporter: 150 flights through sfo are cancel now. it is only expected to get worse for bay area travelers as the week progresses and hurricane sandy strengthens. hurricane sandy is already making enemies. >> this was my first time flying. i feel like flying is horrible and i don't want to do it again. >> reporter: 18-year-old rebecca's flight new jersey of yesterday from new jersey was delayed turning what should have been a six hour trip into 11 hours then missed her connection to burbank. >> most of us missed our flight because it got here at 11. >> reporter: 150 flights, 75 departures and 75 arrivals in and out of sfo cancelled, leaving thousands of customers stranded since the cancellations began yesterday. >> what we are seeing today is a full cancellation of essentially all flying to and from the major east coast cities. this includes washington, d.c. airports, new york airports and boston as well. >> reporter: passengers are urged to check before coming to the airport. some who were proactive are st
'm kristen sze. president obama is on his way to ohio after taking off from san francisco airport this morning after a fundraising trip to the bay area. vic lee has the latest. >> reporter: president obama left san francisco aboard air force one this morning with his campaign coffers filled with cash. it was his 12th visit to the city another brief but lucrative trip. >> money is going to the swing states and california has become the banking state. if you look at where the most money has come, not only for obama but for romney, california is number one. >> reporter: it began last night with a roundtable for 25 wealthy donors. each patron paid $40,000. then the president met with 100 people who paid $20,000 each to have dinner with him in the bill graham civic auditorium. outside the venue, 100 people staged protests against various policies, from the use of drones in pakistan, to the federal crackdown on marijuana. >> the president: i love you back, thank you everybody! >> reporter: the president ended the day at a concert for 6,000 supporters at the auditorium tickets started at
this is not just san francisco fans people drove in from merced, l.a., huge broadcast tv setter wrecked in front of the park. the giants are definitely on the big stage now. the world series doesn't just bring out rabid fans it brings out bomb squads, bomb sniffing dogs and x-ray months from local, state and federal agencies. >> world series is big going to be a lot of people here, different things happening want to make sure san francisco stays say >> reporter: before any truck can go to at&t park it has to pass through an x-ray machine this truck is carrying hot dogs, candy and other concessions for fans. >> we are going to run it through the trucks here do our scanner and see if there is any anomaly. >> reporter: officers are looking for problems, fans are looking for tickets. >> i dove up from l.a. last night -- i drove up from l.a. last night, slept in my truck, they said there was no tickets. >> reporter: he found a scalper and is hoping for the best. >> seemed honest enough. i don't know. i don't know what the frisco crowd is like. >> reporter: he paid $150 each for standing room only. fo
. today's report shows san francisco averages $4.74 for regular oakland and san jose $4.68. those prices are 50 cents a gallon higher than a week ago. the senator has asked the ftc for an immediate probe questioning whether the spike is related to supply. yesterday governor brown ordered smog regulators to allow cheaper winter blend gas to go on sale early to bring down the price. >>> they are cleaning up this morning around oakland city hall after 250 protesters went on a vandalism spree last night. they broke windows and damaged cars around 6 p.m.. the targets included city hall, police recruiting station, several banks and other businesses, plus cars parked along the street. there are no reports of any arrests. >>> vigil will be held tonight for a hercules woman found stabbed in her home. 55-year-old susie ko was found friday night the murder weapon has not been found. the family is holding a memorial for the retired schoolteacher tonight at 8:30 on ash court in hercules. the family is trying to find her killer through social media. they are asking you to keep an eye open for her ligh
: the family used to live in san francisco noe valley they bought their home last year and now they live in manhattan the scene of a horrible tragedy. on 75th street nanny on a stretcher being rushed to a hospital. the children in her care appear to be breathing as they were rushed to the hospital but were pronounced dead on arrival. their mother having discovered two of her children stabbed to death in the bathtub was escorted under a white sheet with her only surviving child. >> she is crying out, what am i going to do with my rest of my life. i have no children. >> they had been at swimming lessons and came home to a dark apartment. >> they had gone out themselves. >> reporter: the father, kevin a former yahoo executive was a business trip. police met him at j.f.k. airport with the horrific news. police say after the nanny stabbed the children she slit her throat in a suicide attempt. she worked with the family for about a year. they hired her after the youngest was born. they traveled to the dominican republic to spend more than a week with her family. ortega's niece says the aunt ha
in san francisco you have to bring your own shopping bags or pay. part of the crackdown on plastic bags you don't bring your own bags, you are going to be charged 10 cents for a bag. next year restaurants will be that ban designed to help san francisco reach zero waste goal. >> just carry -- [ unintelligible ] the first presidential debate two days away how the candidates are preparing to scare off. >> schwarzenegger spilling -- revealing secrets on "good morning america" what he is saying%dírr about cheating on maria shriver and the secrets he kept. >>> we know too much tv is not good for kids but >> secret affairs. confrontation over his love child. schwarzenegger is revealing in his new book things he hid from his ex-wife and the public. >> t.j. winick joins us with the stunning bombshells dropped. >> reporter: this book is certainly a tell-all. his successes, failures, schwarzenegger says he wouldn't have had it any other way. as his new book hits stores, arnold schwarzenegger is for the first time talking the scandal that tore apart his family. >> it is just one of the disastrous
to 100s. we'll see a few 80s around the bay, san mateo 89 and san francisco 80s along our beaches. temperatures running anywhere from about 13 to 20° warmer than average. the good news it is not a spare the air day. pollution will stay in moderate levels inland and east bay to santa clara valley and coastal central bay good north bay and sought bay. >> -- >>> san jose's park is closed today because of extreme fire danger. officials closed the park in june over similar concerns yesterday's air temperature was 96° with 16% humidity. the emergency closure is only for today the park could remain closed longer, if weather conditions don't reach a safe level. >>> police dealing with an extremely violent eight hours, four people were shot to death the most recent 6:00 this morning, two were killed at 72nd and international boulevard this follows two shootings on macarthur boulevard last night within an hour and a half of each other. kira klapper is getting reaction. >> reporter: as you mentioned, three deadly shootings within eight hours between last night and this morning. the most re
today and the weekend. >>> san francisco's busiest weekend is officially underway. the music is playing in golden gate park, it is great and it is free. i'm amy hollyfield i'll >>> the busiest weekend of the year is in store for san francisco a million are expected to visit. amy hollyfield joins us live from golden gate park. >> reporter: this is poor man's whiskey performing for a lot of middle school students who were bused in they are jamming out having so much fun. this event lasts all weekend, it is free this is the western side of the city. up north it is going to be busy. the activity -- the activities there have already started there no-no ships or jets here but this softball tournament is one of the many activities as part of fleet week. it is a relatively new addition part of the effort to involve the community more in fleet week. law enforcement and military teams play until a champion is crowned. >> this is our first year hopefully, if we win we will be bragging a lot. >> reporter: this event doesn't draw a huge crowd but the others will. with the blue angels performing satu
there was lightning before call came in >>> right now san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is getting ready to take back his job after being reinstated last night. early they are year he pleaded guilty in a domestic violence case and is still on probation and undergoing 52 weeks of classes. terry mcsweeney joins us with more. >> reporter: anyone expecting sheriff mirkarimi to be behind his desk at 8:00 calling the shots would be disappointed. he was on the job two months circumstance spended more than six, he has a lot of catching up. take a look at board of supervisors meeting last night it went on for hours. the question, should the board uphold the ethics commission ruling that mirkarimi committed official misconduct when he wraoused his wife's arm during -- when he bruised his wife's arm during a confrontation. the board vote 7-4 to uphold that finding but needed nine yes votes to remove him from office, mirkarimi suspended by mayor lee is sheriff again. >> they will be meeting later today to tart their transition period and they will spend a few days on that and then sheriff mirkarimi will be
. >>> football now. we can find out in the next few hours if san francisco is in the running to host up coming super bowl. the nfl is deciding if san francisco has a shot. the plan would mean 2016 or 17 super bowl would be played at the new 9ers stadium. >>> abc7 will carry the 49ers game live thursday. 4:00 hourlong pregame show featuring jerry rice and brent jones. game time 5:00. 9ers host seahawks. that will be followed by a special edition of after the game we will give away $49,000 to someone who likes us on our facebook page. >>> it is time for round two in the presidential debate. president obama and mitt romney are in new york tonight for the only town hall-style meet-up leading up to the election. t.j. winick joins us live with the latest. >> reporter: president obama certainly has work to do even he admits that first debate did not go well for him. mitt romney needs to keep the pressure on. he also needs to interact well with audience members. president obama has been prepping for tonight's debate this virginia golf resort. he left his clubs at the white house trying to send a messa
early because he an 11:00 class to teach. very humble guy. cornell bernard, abc7 news. >>> san francisco is expected to find out tomorrow whether it is on the short list of cities to host an upcoming super bowl. cio host in 2016 or 2017 at the 49ers' new stadium. both 49er and city leaders say san francisco would be the center of most super bowl events. if the city makes its first round it has to submit a plan by early may. nfl expects official announcement tomorrow. >>> this thursday is 49ers game day here. 4:00 jerry rice and brent jones join us as abc7 news presents the pregame show followed at 5 by the take -- by the game. after that jerry and brent will stake around for a edition of after the game. >>> giants' fans are gearing up for tonight's game. last night the giants fell to the cardinals in the opener. bumgarner gave up six runs in the first four innings late comeback was too little, too late. vogelsong will start on the mound tonight. >>> much more still ahead. pakistani girl has arrived in england for lifesaving medical treatment after she was shot in the head by the taliban.
's still a lot of baseball to be played, including one more game near san francisco, quiet now hopefully fans are getting rest so they can cheer one more time for home team game stars at 5:07. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >>> kudos to zito and lincecum for their pitching last night. -- >>> plunging support for the governor's tax initiative the consequences he's warning about if prop 30 loses. >>> hurricane sandy rumbles past cuba making a beeline for florida. >>> support for governor broken's plan to fund schools by raising taxes on the wealthy has dipped below 50%. 48% of voters say they would support prop 30, 44% oppose the rest undecided. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with the governor's reaction. >> reporter: he was just here in the newsroom on his final pro prop 34 he admits it is tight but points out that the yes vote is still winning. he says he didn't get back into politics at his age to play games he promiseds estimated six billion dollars a year will be in a special audited fun and will go to education. the howard jarvis taxpayers association says the money will get mixe
! the celebration begins. >>> welcome to the party. sky 7 hd is live above downtown san francisco where there has never been a more appropriate day to sell bait the giants. the city is decked out in orange and black, -- not for the holiday in honor of the 12 world series champions. >> there you see pablo sandoval, mvp of the series in his own convertible. each player will be in a convertible like this. terry mcsweeney is on the ground we'll be hearing from him shortly. >> it is a fabulous day. there are 100 vehicles lining the route this is market and concern any where thousand -- and kearny where thousands are gathered. >> great viewing there if you can get one of those windows in a highrise above market. >> perfect spot. look at them decked out in orange and black here to celebrate and honor the giants, two world series wins in three seasons. good morning i'm dan ashley with carolyn johnson and larry beale. we are so excited to be here with you. >> we have a lot of crews on the ground along the from the waterfront in san francisco to civic center plaza, a dozen abc7 news reporters are out there
, retired san francisco firefighter was not home at the time. >>> staff members at napa state hospital with other state mental health workers throughout california are observing this two year anniversary of the murder of a psychiatric tech donna gross was killed on-the-job by a patient in 2010. hospital union workers will be joined by state assembly workers tonight at napa state hospital. hospitals statewide have made changes as a result of the tragedy. >>> san bruno city council will vote on a measure tonight that calls for forcing out the head of the public utilities commission eight people died september 2010, their families accuse the puc chairman of making backroom deals with pg&e and not working to protect the public. >>> police plan to release more details on the case of missing teenaged girl from petaluma found safe in the central valley. 15-year-old ruby mendoza, was last seen getting in a car with her godfather a 29-year-old and another man last wednesday yesterday afternoon police in fresno received a tip she was in a home south of fresno. police went to the house identified
this is for the team. >> we are thrilled that we have a game 7. first game 7 in 50 years in san francisco. >> reporter: the home crowd will have plenty of drink options, beer distributors were unloading kegs in the rain and say playoffs have been incredible for business. >> they are doing -- almost our busiest game plus it has been really busy. >> reporter: the dug-out store opened early this morning to capitalize on giants' fever looks like the weather will be good for the business. >> going to be chilly tonight so i want a sweatshirt to stay warm. >> reporter: and it has to say giants? >> it's gotta say giants. >> reporter: the winner tonight place the world series officials say they stay away from predictions. >> if you look at having the two last world series champions in the playoffs, it is very exciting for the game. we'll see what happens tonight. we feel hopeful. >> reporter: fans aren't hesitating to predict a giants' victory. >> we got the best picture in the national league pitching, matt cain. we got the momentum and we are hope. other than that we don't have anything going for us. >> repo
here in the mid 80s, 85 redwood city, san francisco, upper 70s even could top out around 80 in the north bay today perhaps maybe a few records strong winds or those northerly winds maybe the temperatures go up quickly 83 san leandro, east bay low 90s today and talking about more beach weather, lucky to be around santa cruz with upper 80s today. here's a look at the game forecast, which of course is tomorrow, low 60s with maybe a little fog sea breeze is going to be stingy tomorrow, overall we warm a bit tomorrow most locations 10° drop friday, saturday cooler and we're looking at rain perhaps into next week. tomorrow abc7 will give away $49,000, the winner will be an right after the 49ers game here on abc 7, october 18th, which is tomorrow you can still enter go to and click the win $49,000 button that will take you to the form where you can enter. how would you spend that -- that money if you were to win. frank h says: get best seats for a game, go on vacation. roberta wants to payoff her car. lucy would take her cub scout pack to disneyland, take me
most of the moisture favoring south of san francisco, here's a look at all the layered clouds, mainly low clouds and mid level clouds, live doppler 7 hd very active the past couple of days. right now we are looking at all the cloud cover across the bay area, activity to the east of us if the central valley. thunderstorms all morning from las vegas south here we are los angeles, bakersfield, oceanside, san diego you can get the sense of the area of low pressure spinning moisture in a counterclockwise fashion this is pulling the moisture up as far north as parts of san luis obispo right now cool 57 in oakland, watsonville around salinas, some sunshine today, mainly in the north bay, still slight chance of a shower clouds, sun mix through tomorrow, saturday we are looking at not only sunnier but warmer offshore flow by the middle of next week very warm temperatures. here's a look tonight 51 half moon bay, 53 oakland, 50 livermore overnight temperatures headed to the coliseum starting out in the upper 50s with that cloud cover, maybe a sprinkle for the most part you should be dry and temp
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23